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Shaping the future requires freedom of thought. And comrades-in-arms who are not satisfied with the status quo of today's mobility and IT industry, nor with their own personal development. Whether it's a small consulting project, agile software development, a large-scale project or a new business model - there are plenty of opportunities to do your thing with us!

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And what about the goodies?

Of course, we also have flexible working hours, home office, further training, company sports and much more. But to be honest - we wouldn't need all these goodies, because we work as a team. And together we move ideas for the future of mobility.

Sounds exciting to you?

Personal Mentor
30 Days of Vacation
Flexible Working Time
Edenred Card
Profit Sharing
Job Bike
Own Academy
Company Pension and more

Because work is not just a job


Curious now?

Software IT Cloud Cognizant Mobility
Average age

Ours lies at 39 years


Number of nationalities represented in our company: 38


Percentage of colleagues who wire the wallbox themselves at home: 10% (ok ok, only our embedded girls and boys dare to do so)

Women power

Proud of a 25% quota of women. But there is much more to come!

Agile methods

Percentage of colleagues trying to educate their own children with Agile-Scrum methodology: 20%, Percentage that succeeded: 0%.

Tech love

Percentage of colleagues who control blinds at home with any scripts: 20.4%.


Percentage of colleagues who can't find the "unmute" button in teams: 0% (hey, we're an IT company, we know how to do that)

Christmas party

Percent of colleagues singing along at Christmas celebrations: 88%. Employees who "attempt" on-stage auditions: Only one.

Length of service

Ours is 7.2163 years on average

Many friends

We have more colleagues than some social media accounts

Not to early

Percentage of colleagues with terribly disheveled hair at team meetings before 08:30: 15.5%.

This is what expects you at Cognizant Mobility!

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Ausbildung Top Arbeitgeber

We are top employer!

Look for your job only among the best

Cognizant Mobiltiy has been awarded as "Top Employer for SMEs 2021" by, the leading online job portal for medium-sized companies in German-speaking countries. The aim of the award is to bring the advantages of medium-sized companies into focus for job seekers and to give them guidance in their search for interesting employers in the SME sector.

The special feature of this award is that it is not based on surveys, which often have low participation rates and thus only a limited meaningful database. Instead, the access and reading behavior of users on is evaluated for more than 60,000 job advertisements within one year. 

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